Short-Term Rental Tax Compliance for Property Managers

Short-term rental tax compliance

Achieving short-term rental tax compliance can be a complex, nuanced process, from understanding filing timelines and frequencies to license registration and revenue reporting. The goal of this article is to put your mind at ease as a property manager and keep your business in good standing. Continue reading to find answers to common questions related…

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4 Financial Reporting Tips for Property Managers

Financial Reporting Tips Property Management

When you think about the myriad of things that are rapidly changing in the hospitality sector every day, companies – especially those managing short-term rentals – need to be able to leverage data effectively in order to adapt and succeed in this dynamic environment. If you’re a property manager looking to grow your organization, and…

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Accounting Best Practices for Property Managers

STR HUB Podcast

Accounting for property managers: What are the best practices to follow and how can Ximplifi help? Read the episode transcription below to learn what Jesse Ehret, CPA and CEO of Ximplifi, recommends for property managers hoping to gain a better understanding of their company financials. Content has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity Would…

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3 Ways That Property Managers Compare Sage Intacct to NetSuite

compare sage intacct to netsuite

In this article, we’ve collected customer reviews and ratings from to compare Sage Intacct and Oracle NetSuite on three important features that property managers need out of their financial software. We trust these ratings because G2 is an independent company with over 1.7 million software product reviews. They are not paid for or sponsored…

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7 Financial Housekeeping Tips for Vacation Rental Managers

Financial Housekeeping

Imagine your business is one of your rental properties. No matter how much curb appeal it has, if the interior is a mess, it’s not going to live up to its potential. The same logic applies when it comes to your property management company. Even before going public, many successful companies depend on clean financials…

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