Frequently Asked Questions

Ximplifi is the name of our accounting services firm.

As a company, we use VRPlatform, which is an award-winning accounting plug-in designed to help vacation rental managers automate and streamline financial reporting for themselves and their owners.

Ximplifi specializes in solving the accounting challenges unique to the vacation rental management, hospitality and real estate industries.

No, VRPlatform is a plugin that was developed to integrate your property management system with any of these accounting platforms: QuickBooks Online or Sage Intacct.

It provides key automation capabilities to streamline day-to-day accounting for vacation rental management companies. 

Ximplifi does not file annual taxes on behalf of our clients, but our Platinum Membership Level does include Tax Liaison Support. It includes our team reviewing the financial information in your online accounting software and providing up to 5 hours of tax preparation support with your CPA or tax preparer.

As an optional add-on service for all service levels, we can provide monthly lodging tax reporting. This includes calculating and reporting lodging and occupancy taxes due by unit, channel and jurisdiction.

Lodging and occupancy tax reporting with Ximplifi is $10 per listing/month. If you would like to engage MyLodgTax for filing assistance, Ximplifi clients do receive special subscription pricing. 

Currently, Ximplifi's accounting services team can support companies with U.S.-based operations. 

If you manage properties outside of the U.S., please make sure to bring this up to our team on your first call.

Yes, we offer different VRAccounting Membership levels for clients who are interested in hiring Ximplifi to provide ongoing outsourced accounting services. Membership fees are based on the technology and services you require.

If you just want to configure the VRPlatform accounting plugin for ongoing automation (no services), we also provide a software-only subscription. Monthly fees for VRPlatform automation are based on number of listings.

Please contact our team for pricing.

Today, we integrate with:

If you do not currently use one of these property management systems, our accounting automation won't be compatible with your system.

Don't worry - we are always working on developing connections with new integration partners!

For vacation rental managers who also manage long-term properties, Ximplifi can perform accounting services within the accounting system. 

Unless you are using one of the property management systems that currently integrate with our software, our team will only be able to provide accounting services for long-term properties by working within the accounting system.

We do not currently support integrations with Yardi, Buildium, or Appfolio.

We use the best in the business. Our team is trained to support:

  • Sage Intacct
  • QuickBooks Online

At this time, we are not able to offer client accounting services on platforms other than QuickBooks Online or Sage Intacct. 

If you would like our help migrating or upgrading your accounting system, please contact our team using the form below.

We like to see our clients achieve their definition of success. For many, that involves increasing revenues, expanding into new business segments, or even investing their earnings into other entities. 

To support this growth, they often need more automation, more detail, and more controls in their accounting processes than QuickBooks Online offers.

That's why we offer Sage Intacct. We want every client to choose the right accounting system for them, but we do recommend Sage Intacct for vacation rental companies for a few reasons:

  • cloud-based financial software,
  • API with unlimited integrations,
  • versatile automation and multi-entity accounting,
  • greater internal control functions,
  • customize reports and dashboards in a few clicks,
  • capture dimensional KPI data for analytics and financial reporting

If that doesn't convince you, you should know Sage Intacct is also the software that we use for our accounting!

So why Sage Intacct?

Because it's the best solution to deliver the financial reporting and advisory information necessary to drive business decisions.

Yes, VRConsult is our onboarding consultation and setup process, and it involves a one-time fee based on the complexity of your accounting requirements and number of listings.

It applies to:

  • VRPlatform subscribers 
  • VRAccounting services members

Depending on the current state of your business, software, and needs, the onboarding timeline can vary.

If you are primarily looking to automate accounting processes between QuickBooks Online and your property management system, the typical onboarding time is 4-6 weeks.

However, for more extensive onboarding, such as upgrading or implementing new accounting software for clients, onboarding can take up to 12 weeks.

We understand just how critical accurate financials are for your company. We work hard to make this process as quick and seamless as possible, and our goal is that each client is 100% satisfied with the result.

Hiring full time accounting staff that meets all the needs of a business is costly. From staff and senior accountants to controller or even CFO, the costs climb quickly. Add to that employer taxes, recruiting fees, training, turnover, office space, and benefits, and costs can grow by another 30% or more.

Ximplifi offers your company a team of certified professionals on a fractional basis to meet your company's needs. Beyond your team, we provide access to best practices, powerful software, and exceptional customer service at fixed monthly fees. Using this approach the cost of outsourcing your accounting to Ximplifi is typically similar to the cost of hiring full time employees and often less!

Hourly billing does not promote an emphasis on customer service or an incentive to be efficient. Instead, fees are higher when the services are inefficient! In addition, the total job cost is unknown until the bill is received. Ximplifi believes there’s a better, more budget-friendly way...fixed prices!

Here’s why:

  • You will always know how much you will pay for services in advance, and will always have the opportunity to discuss the agreement before we get started on any work.
  • We focus on being more efficient to ensure our relationship is mutually profitable. This means we can leverage the best in breed technology to constantly improve the quality of the services we deliver to you.
  • It opens the lines of communication. You don’t have to be afraid to contact us with questions and be worried about receiving a bill for your time. All of our fixed price agreements include support and regularly scheduled review sessions. In fact, we encourage constant two-way communication.

Ximplifi takes multiple steps to ensure your business' most crucial information is maintained in a secure virtual accounting environment. We have detailed processes and policies to maintain strict security based on accounting best practices, including using 2-step verification whenever possible, encryption and VPN services, and an online vault for collection and access to sensitive documents and information. In addition, we have a comprehensive insurance policy including E&O, Employment Practice and Cyber Liability policies.

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