Do Your VRM Apps Integrate? Don’t Overlook This Key Capability

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Do Your VRM Apps Integrate?

If your apps don’t integrate, it’s a bigger obstacle to vacation rental management than you realize. Learn how integration makes everything easier.

Do Your VRM Apps Integrate? Don’t Overlook This Key Capability

When your vacation rental management business goes searching for the right piece of software, you consider lots of criteria: the features and functions, the interface, and the cost are usually the top priorities. But that list also needs to include whether the app integrates with other VRM software you use (or plan to use). In fact, this should be your first consideration.

Why App Integration is Everything

Consider this example: You rely on MyVR to handle all your bookings and property management needs, and you rely on Sage Intacct for all your accounting activities. Each software platform offers industry-leading capabilities that are ideal for the needs of a vacation rental management business. Anyone in this industry is undoubtedly stronger with both these solutions in place. But neither VRM app lives up to its full potential until they integrate.

Without a link in place that automatically sends data from MyVR into Sage Intacct, you have to move that data manually. Entering figures from one system into the other eats up tons of time and allows typos and other errors to creep into the data. And since no one gets excited about data entry, this task often gets neglected, resulting in missing data and an incomplete understanding.

MyVR and Sage Intacct may be separate pieces of software, but they have complementary capabilities. Marketing, booking, accounting, and reporting are all interconnected activities that share data and have overlapping workflows. When VRM apps in the workflow aren’t integrated, it creates an arbitrary obstacle along the way. Conversely, integrated software serves as a seamless continuum from one end of the business to the other – a pipeline for data to move organically through the organization.

Your vacation rental management business could have a bunch of disconnected apps that you have to review manually. Or it could have an integrated suite of best-in-class solutions that work in concert to make the most complicated and labor-intensive aspects of the business (things like trust accounting and owner reporting) almost effortless. Which sounds better to you?

Ways to Integrate VRM Software

When two pieces of software don’t have a native integration with each other, there are alternatives. For example, MyVR and Sage Intacct don’t integrate – but they can still work perfectly together thanks to Ximplifi.

We created VRPlatform to serve a bridge between property management and accounting. It can seamlessly transfer data to keep systems in sync and eliminate/automate hours of manual data entry along the way. And time savings are just the start. Fully-integrated systems of VRM apps will also streamline the invoicing process, improve the reporting process, enhance visibility into business performance, and facilitate the growth of the company.

Software integration is the difference between being adequate and being excellent. If you’re ready to achieve more and spend less time dealing with data, turn to integrations – and talk to Ximplifi

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