Top 5 advantages of outsourcing


Jesse Ehret

Founder & CEO

Top 5 advantages of outsourcing

Why should vacation rental managers consider outsourcing accounting instead of hiring in-house? Here are the top 5 advantages to outsourced accounting.

Top 5 advantages of outsourcing accounting:

Cost savings.

Taking into consideration the full cost of full-time employees (salaries plus employer taxes, recruiting fees, and benefits, and more.), the cost of outsourcing is typically similar and often less because of the use of best practices, powerful software and access to employees on a fractional instead of full-time basis.


The right expertise.

Typically a company needs access to a variety of skills and expertise, from staff accountants to controllers or CFO. With outsourcing, companies get access to the expertise they need on a fractional basis. In addition, as needs arise or change, the outsourcing firm can quickly respond to the needs of the business.


Best practices.

Good accounting outsourcing firms focus on standardization of policies and procedures in order to streamline processes and keep costs low.  When you outsource to one of these firms, you have instant access to these best practices, which ensures more accurate and timely financial reporting.


Powerful software.

At minimum, any firm you choose to outsource your accounting with should be using time saving applications, for example for streamlining AP data entry, approval workflow, paperless filing, and online bill pay with the click of a button. Better yet, they will use robust financial management solutions that are far exceed the capabilities of QuickBooks for better insight, planning & budgeting, data analytics, dashboards & more.



You never worry about messy books, untimely or inaccurate reporting or struggle through the hiring process again. You are assigned a team of certified professionals. Bills are paid, invoices are sent, collections are timely and financial reports are timely and accurate…EVERYTIME!

Learn more about how Ximplifi and how outsourcing accounting services can help you scale your business.

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